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South Asia is home to around 1.80 billion people that are about 1/5th of global population. The region has increased political, strategic and economic significance owing to various factors like Two Nuclear rival states, close geographical proximity to great assertive powers like China, Russia, epicenter of Global Terrorism as well as rising economies like China and India. Additionally, changing global order and resultant heightened power struggle among existing and emerging powers have significant bearings on developments in South Asia.

Certain regional and global developments have added to the issues faced by the region e-g Recently spelled out US foreign Policy towards South and South East Asia, regional realignment, rise of nationalist government in India to name a few. The Department of Political Science University of the Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan is involved in various initiatives to analyze the rapidly changing political and security dynamics in the region and beyond. International conference is anticipated to provide various perspectives on matters concerning the region.  

Various Sub-Themes of the conference are focused on but not limited to the following:

  • Growing nationalism/populism in the region and repercussions for regional security¬†
  • Prospects for Indo-Pakistan peace process: Impediments and way forward
  • Kashmir: A nuclear Flashpoint?
  • Changing Regional Alignment: Indo-US strategic partnership, Pakistan-Russia prospective alignment, deepening security cooperation between China and Pakistan.
  • Afghanistan: The borderland disputes, Emerging competing blocks and their interests in Afghanistan, US policy on Afghanistan and South Asia in general
  • China Pakistan Economic Corridor and the prospects of Regional Connectivity/Competition
  • Geo-Strategic and economic competition in Indian Ocean
  • Rise of Extremism and growing threats of Transnational Terrorism
  • Hydro politics in South Asia: A conflict in the making
  • SAARC: Challenges and Prospects for Regional Cooperation
  • Human Security Challenges in South Asia


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