The conference aims at enhancing the scholarship on the following themes about South Asia:


  • Theoretical underpinnings of Democracy, Governance and Security (DGS) in the discipline of Political Science and International Relations.
  • DGS and Political Economy of South Asia
  • DGS and Social Constraints in South Asia
  • State of Democracy and Democratization in South Asian
  • Elections and electoral politics
  • Challenges to Democratic growth in South Asian states and the region as whole
  • Democratic Peace in South Asia?
  • Youth, Governance and democracy in South Asia
  • Governance theories in the context of South Asia
  • Problems of Governance in South Asia
  • Economic Transformation and Development
  • Culture, Politics and Governance in South Asia
  • Human Security in South Asia
  • Ethno-Nationalism, state building and security challenges
  • Traditional and Non-traditional Security in South Asia
  • External actors in South Asia’s Democracy, Governance and security apparatus


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